EMQ X 3.0

Install Erlang (Mac).

$ brew install erlang

Install MAD.

$ curl -fsSL \ https://git.io/fpYm4 \ > mad && chmod +x mad \ && sudo cp mad /usr/local/bin

Install XIO.

$ mad get xio/server $ cd deps/server $ mad dep com pla rep

Example of success run.

Starting emqx on node [email protected] Start mqtt:tcp listener on successfully. Start mqtt:tcp listener on successfully. Start mqtt:ws listener on successfully. Start mqtt:ssl listener on successfully. Start mqtt:wss listener on successfully. EMQ X Broker git is running now! Start http:management listener on 8080 successfully. Start http:dashboard listener on 18083 successfully.
> application:which_applications(). [{kvs,"KVS Abstract Chain Storage","5.11"}, {emqx_dashboard,"EMQ X Dashboard","3.0"}, {emqx_management,"EMQ X Management API and CLI","3.0"}, {minirest,"MINI REST for COWBOY and JSX","git"}, {emqx,"EMQ X Broker","git"}, {cowboy,"COWBOY Small, fast, modern HTTP server.","2.5.0"}, {ssl_verify_fun,[],"1.1.4"}, {gen_rpc,"RPC library for BEAM languages","git"}, {esockd,"ESOCKD Non-blocking TCP/SSL Server","5.4.4"}, {ranch,"RANCH Socket TCP protocols.","1.6.2"}, {ssl,"Erlang/OTP SSL application","9.1.2"}, {lager,"Erlang logging framework","3.2.2"}, {public_key,"Public key infrastructure","1.6.4"}, {goldrush,"Erlang event stream processor","0.1.9"}, {ekka,"Autocluster and Autoheal for EMQ X Broker","0.5.3"}, {cowlib,"COWLIB Web protocols.","2.6.0"}, {crypto,"CRYPTO","4.4"}, {jsx,"JSX JSON parsing toolkit","2.9.0"}, {mnesia,"MNESIA CXC 138 12","4.15.5"}, {syntax_tools,"Syntax tools","2.1.6"}, {compiler,"ERTS CXC 138 10","7.3.1"}, {asn1,"The Erlang ASN1 compiler version 5.0.8","5.0.8"}, {clique,"A CLI library for erlang","git"}, {replayq,"A Disk Queue for Log Replay in Erlang","0.1.1"}, {neotoma,"PEG parser-generator.","1.7.4"}, {gproc,"GPROC Process Registry","0.10"}, {getopt,"Command-line options parser for Erlang","0.8.2"}, {cuttlefish,"cuttlefish configuration abstraction","git"}, {inets,"INETS CXC 138 49","7.0.4"}, {stdlib,"ERTS CXC 138 10","3.7"}, {kernel,"ERTS CXC 138 10","6.2"}]